All photography provided by Rahul Pande

You can make a difference. I offer a completely confidential service. A simple call to me and a brief conversation can help you decide.




I offer an initial consultation / assessment session  to potential clients as an opportunity to talk with me to explore and identify how future sessions may help & to see if we can work together. The consultation fee is £50  & will last for 50 minutes.

There is no other commitment.


For a compulsive gambler the next best thing to gambling and winning, is gambling and losing, its all about being in action.

Spread the Word

If you or somebody you know is experiencing problems with gambling do Call me to see if I can assist.

Alternately forward my  website and contact details to them.



Does it matter WHY I gamble, its paramount, you will never stop doing something, if you don’t know WHY your doing it.